Pure Chiropractic

Bed Wetting

Chloe came into Pure Chiropractic experiencing bedwetting. She would wake up wet in the morning and after naps, regardless of not having drinks for 1-2 hours before bedtime. She was potty trained at age two and was more than capable of using the bathroom on her own, but still struggled with wetting the bed five nights a week. Her Mom states that “We had been told that there was a medication that would essentially dehydrate her to help with her bedwetting.” But Chloe’s Mom did not want to do that. She never took any medication for her issues, but Chloe’s still concerned parents sought a resolution. That’s when the Brown’s heard about principled chiropractic care. They were very impressed with the office and appreciated the time the doctor and staff took to educate them on how nerve interference can affect the body. After receiving specific chiropractic adjustments for four months, Chloe’s bedwetting is now gone! The entire Brown family now visits for adjustments and have all seen improvements in their health. They are doing amazing under principled chiropractic care and their bodies continue to heal from the inside out!

Shoulder and Upper Back Pain
Disc Problems

Mike came into Pure Chiropractic with shoulder and upper back pain and a very sore lower back! His shoulders and lower back constantly hurt and he could not workout or train without pain! Training and competing is very important to Mike, so he decided to do something about it. Mike went to different doctors and saw a physical therapist and chiropractor to find a resolution, which helped somewhat, but nothing got to the root of the issues. When Mike first heard about Pure Chiropractic as a solution, he had some doubts that it could help. But he remained open minded and decided to give it a try. After being under principled chiropractic care, Mike’s symptoms have all improved! He states, “The healing did not happen overnight. It took time and repetition to see lasting improvement. Looking back, I wish I would have done chiropractic a lot sooner! I definitely recommend chiropractic care for people with some of the same symptoms. My word of advice: Try chiropractic care. It really works!”

Lower Back Pain And Sciatica
Headaches and Stiffness

Josh came into Pure Chiropractic with lower back pain that he had been experiencing on and off for years. He also suffered from hip pain, shoulder pain, ear infections and fatigue. At times, his health conditions incapacitated him making him unable to work for days. He underwent physical therapy two times, both which helped for a couple weeks, but soon his lower back pain would go back to the same condition it was before. He even saw another chiropractor for the issue, but nothing seemed to help. “My first impressions of Pure Chiropractic were all positive which surprised me, but the thorough explanation of the spine, nerves and health of my body convinced me that this would benefit my health.” However, he thought that chiropractic care would only give him the same temporary relief that physical therapy had given him. After being under principled chiropractic care, the pain and spasms in his lower back are GONE, his hip pain and sciatica are GONE and his headaches are clear for the first time in years. Not only that, but his ear infections reduced to the point where he cut out his medication completely and was able to completely eliminate his muscle relaxers and pain killers. Josh’s body is healing from the inside out, and will continue to do so with time and repetition.

Neck Pain, Vertigo, Headaches

Liz has experienced low back pain ever since being involved in an automobile accident over 40 years ago. The whiplash from that injury created years of pain and difficulty turning her head. In addition to that, she  suffered from dizziness and vertigo, as well as pain in her lower back and hips. She performed her physical therapy exercises to alleviate the pain, as well as made occasional visits to her chiropractor when the pain became too much. But the pain always returned. Since coming to Pure Chiropractic and being under chiropractic care, Liz’s neck pain and low back pain are almost gone and her HEADACHES ARE BETTER! She has also been able to reduce the amount of ibuprofen that she was taking. Liz understands the importance of regular chiropractic care and absolutely recommends chiropractic care to anyone suffering with chronic neck and back pain!